Tax Return

Save Values

Let us take care of your tax return. Thanks to our of many years standing experience and our satisfied clients, we are able to offer you different options for this service.


  • In our Office:
    Call us and agree an appointment in our Office. We fill in your tax return without long waiting time.
  • By Post:
    Send us your forms and the documents by post. You will get your tax return within short term. There is no easier way.
  • At your Home:
    We visit you at your home and fill in your tax return there or will pick up the documents and fill in the form at our office.
    Important: This service is connected with a cost of 40 Swissfrancs.
Worth Knowing

We did not specialize for a certain Kanton, but we do the tax return for all Kantons in Switzerland.


If you do not agree with a disposition, we can raise objection in your name and deal with all formalities.

In the end

As a client you recieve each year a checklist by post. On this checklist is written which documents you have to Hand in, if yu let us do your tax return.
Important: We do this Service until it is quitted by you.
Download Checklist

Insurances and Protection for Private Clients

Do you have any questions about the tax return? Please contact us.