Protect Values

Material life quality is not the same for everyone. We provide to maintain the level of the income for ourselves, our children or in case of death for the bereaved.

Insurances and protection for private clients.

An addition to the family is an experience, which cannot be compared with anything. Therefore it is important to offer the best preconditions for your offspring and enable an optimal space of development for its talents. A private provision for your children enables you more security, ideal opportunities for advancements or the assembling of an asset in the adult life.

  • Special insurances for education
  • Replenishment disability pension of the parents
  • Care capital

Please contact us if you have any questions about the provision for children.

If the health insurance and the accident insurance exploited and an employment is not possible anymore, the provision for disability pension gives you financial help additional to the legal disability pension. This provision rewarded by the state with a tax deduction.

Please contact us, if you have any questions about the accident insurance.

Do you have dreams and goals for your (early) retirement? Or do you want to be sure that you can maintain your life standard? Your private retirement provision contributes that you can profit from financial independence at the moment of your retirement.

  • Fund based capital provision
  • Provision packages with saving goal
  • Private pension
  • Premiumaccount, paymentaccount
  • Pillar 3a

As you prioritize things in your life, you want to secure the life standard for your bereaved. We help you with our experts with the selection of a flexible, individual for your needs complied death provision.